Hospitality Services

Hospitality and Housekeeping are two of our special departments, working behind the scenes to keep the ships looking as good as they can be, as well as protecting the Crew from sickness through a vigorous and regular cleaning schedules. Our guests and visitors often comment on how good the ship looks and how clean it is! This is because of the volunteers in these departments working tirelessly to keep everything in order.

Hospitality goes the extra mile by preparing the cabins for our incoming Crew and guests, making beds, cleaning, and welcoming them with gifts upon arrival. With around 20-25 Crew and guests arriving and departing every week, this is a big task which is always performed with excellence. The Hospitality volunteers are also tasked with serving at big functions, including serving refreshments to our distinguished guests, including Presidents and their spouses, Prime Ministers, and other VIPs. There’s also some baking involved to mix things up a bit, as they bake birthday cookies and cakes for the Crew and special events!

Our volunteer Housekeeping team are the real heroes, keeping the Crew healthy by cleaning the ship on a daily schedule that covers the interior public spaces of the ship, including the Hospital. Our volunteers work closely with our local Day Crew cleaning all floors, walls, handles, railings, windows, to name a few. This is vital, as the Surgeon can’t operate if they’re sick, nor can the Nurse car for a patient if they’ve picked up a bug from a hand rail. Keeping the ship clean is not just cosmetic, it’s vital for keeping the ship running. The Housekeeping team also take care of washing all of the uniforms for the Stewards & Hospital teams, making sure everyone has a clean uniform for work every day.