Food Service

The Food Services department onboard our ships provide meals for the Crew, Day Crew, and the patients and caregivers. The team of Galley cooks and Dining Room staff can provide up to 1,700 meals a day onboard, over breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Food supplies are delivered from the United States and the Netherlands, as well as fruit and vegetables purchased locally in the host country. Meals are planned on an 8-week rolling menu, meaning meals are often planned 6 months in advance, to allow for procurement of supplies and distribution to the ship. The meals are carefully thought out, to make sure a wide variety of cultures are catered for as much as possible. What the Food Services team are able to produce for everyone is a very difficult task.

The Galley is split into hot and cold preparation sides, providing hot meals twice a day in the ship’s Dining Room. The Galley also houses the ship’s bakery, baking fresh bread, pastries and desserts almost daily. Having fresh bread on board is a huge boost to the Crew, and means we can run a great service for the Crew.

The Dining Room staff are the front-facing side of the Food Services department, creating a warm and welcoming environment to all Crew who come to the Dining Room. Meal times are set, and when food is served, the Dining Room is a vibrant and life-filled place to be, with families dining together and new Crew getting to know one another.

Almost half of the Food Services department is made up of our local Day Crew who provide an excellent service to the Crew in the preparation and serving of the food.