The Stewards Department exists to follow the 2000-year-old model of Jesus by exhibiting excellence in service toward the achievement of our mission: bringing hope and healing to the world’s forgotten poor. We provide a platform of services that ministers both directly and indirectly to the crew of the Africa Mercy and the external recipients of our mission.

The Galley prepares food for all crew, day crew working on ship, all patients and caregivers, and sends food to off-ship housing as well. In addition, the galley provides bread for the Hope Clinic, Rehab, Admissions, Outpatients, the Dental Clinic, and the Eye Clinic.

The Dining Room serves food and drinks for all crew and day crew working on the ship. The dining room also takes care of getting food to off-ship departments.

The Housekeeping team keeps the hospital and all public areas of the ship clean. In addition, Housekeeping washes, dries, and folds all hospital, Hope Center, dental clinic, eye clinic, deck, and food services laundry.

The Hospitality team takes care of all new crew arriving on board by preparing cabin spaces, embarking, and giving ship tours. On average, 30 crew arrive each week and 30 crew depart each week. They also set up, serve, and tear down for all ship functions.

Hotel Services maintains the ship’s public areas, creating a holistic atmosphere for crew to call “home”. By adhering to hospital hygiene standards, we serve the patients that come on board the Africa Mercy by providing an environment for the best recovery.

Hospitality is a core aspect of Loving and Serving Others. We strive to offer excellence in hospitality to everyone who boards the Africa Mercy; from their first steps up the gangway to their last steps down.

For many, life on this ship is way outside any sort of comfort zone. We hope that by providing a hair salon, boutique for “shopping”, library, and exercise rooms, crew can feel more at home, which is a key part of doing a successful job, whatever their role.