Child Safety Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct


This Code of Conduct defines acceptable and unacceptable behavior by members of personnel of Mercy Ships with any child or children, in keeping with the Child Safety Policy.


For the purpose of this Code, the terms “staff” and “staff member” mean any employee or volunteer (member of personnel), whether serving as office staff or ships’ crew, of Mercy Ships, Lindale, Texas; and Mercy Ships Community of Faith LLC. See also the definition of other terms found in the Child Safety Glossary of Terms.


  1. Staff shall participate in the training required by Mercy Ships as part of its child safety program.
  2. Staff shall not speak to a child with words which are profane, vulgar, demeaning, intimidating or harassing, or which are sexual or sexually oriented, in any language.
  3. Staff shall not display to a child any visual image which is sexual or sexually oriented, with the exception of approved educational materials used in an authorized educational program.
  4. Staff shall not hit or strike a child. Staff other than the parent of a child shall not use corporal punishment of any kind on the child.
  5. Staff, other than a parent or assigned care-giver, shall not touch a child in any private part of the child’s body, which is understood to be any part that would be covered by a bathing suit.
  6. A staff member, other than a family member, shall not be alone with a child where the staff member cannot be observed by others. (See additional Guidelines for the exception to this rule for certain workplace situations.)
  7. Staff shall not leave a child under the age of 10 years old alone and unsupervised.
  8. Staff shall report any concern for child safety to the proper authorities.