Hotel Technician / Plumber

Keeping the lights on & keeping the ship ticking, we are very thankful for our Engineering department. We all know stuff stops working every now and then…


Marine Engineering


Min. 3 Months


Marine Engineering


Min. 3 Months

About this Role

The Hotel Technician / Plumber assists in the operations and maintenance of all equipment and systems that come under the responsibility of the Hotel Service department within Engineering, including HVACR plants, vacuum and sewage systems, fresh water systems, and waste disposal systems. It’s hard to find a job on board that is more appreciated than our Hotel Techs!

What You Will Contribute

• Support the operation and maintenance of all Hotel Services, equipment and systems, including:

   – HVACR plants

   – Vacuum and sewage systems

   – Domestic fresh water systems

   – Waste disposal systems

• Assume Duty Plumber responsibilities according to roster

For This Role, You Will Need

• A recognized plumbing certificate or relevant experience

• Appropriate experience in any of the following areas will be considered;

   – Maintaining equipment as described in this job description

   – Experience on ships or Certificate of Competency (COC)/Certification in any of these areas

   – Experience in hotel/hospital or other service industries sector

• Has successfully completed Basic Safety Training in accordance with STCW A-VI/1-1 to 1-4 (training may be provided)

• Ability to effectively understand and communicate in clear English

Full job description available upon request.

To inquire about financial assistance for this role, please click here, to get in touch with a Recruiter.