Marine Engineering

Our ships are ships, and we have a team of professional Engineers who keep the engines ticking and the generators churning out the power. We produce all of our own power onboard for all of our services, meaning our Engine Room is the heartbeat of the ship. The Engineering department does more than just engines and generators, however, and we can’t live without this team. The Hotel Technician / Plumber keep our toilets flushing and our water flowing. The Technical Stores Manager looks after all of our tools and spare parts. Aside from our licensed Engineer’s, our Engine Hands and Engine Ratings work around the clock, keeping an eye on our key machinery.

Our Electricians are also part of the Marine Engineering team. In a complex environment with so many industries and departments in one place, our Electricians work hard to make sure everyone is as connected as they need to be to do their job. The Electricians look after everything from the generators to the plug socket and everything in between. The Electronics Technician services equipment that needs fixing, playing a vital part in the team.

Our Engineering Administrator keeps the whole team organized and assists with keeping log books updated and people scheduled to make sure everything is covered.

The Chief Engineer oversees all of this and takes responsibility for the whole team. The Chief reports all engineering matters to the Master, and oversees the training of the team. Mercy Ships has a history of training and developing its technical staff, including our Engine Ratings, and helping our Crew become Engineers.

The ship isn’t alive without the Engineering department, and we are thankful for their work keeping the lights on, keeping the toilets flushing, and getting the ship fueled and moving when we need it to!