A Mercy Ships Captain leads a unique Crew, and directs the Deck & Engineering Crew in safe navigation and security.


Marine Deck



Please carefully read the role description and required certifications below to verify that you meet the requirements. The apply button can be found at the bottom of this page.

About this Role

The Captain reports to the QHSE Manager and is in command of the vessel and all people onboard and holds overriding authority and responsibility of the vessel. The Captain represents the Company in local Maritime and Legal matters related to the vessel and/or crew. This role involves leading and managing the vessel’s operations, ensuring safe, secure, and efficient handling of the ship, and overseeing the crew’s performance. Collaborating closely with the Managing Director, the Captain aligns strategies, implements policies, and works towards achieving organizational goals. With their expertise in maritime operations, strong leadership skills, and commitment to upholding the company’s values, the Captain contributes significantly to the overall success of the organization.

This position may qualify for a family cabin. If you have school-age children, learn more about Mercy Ships Academy.

What You Will Contribute

Quality, Health, Safety & Environment (QHSE)

  • Take authoritative decisions in matters affecting safety and pollution prevention as established by the Safety Management System. In certain situations, this may mean deviation from documented procedures.
  • Take authoritative decisions in matters affecting security as established by the Ship Security Plan. In certain situations, this may mean deviation from documented procedures.
  • Request assistance from the Company necessary to ensure the safe and pollution-free operation of the vessel.
  • Implement the safety and environmental policy of the Company.
  • Ensure compliance with the Ship Security Plan
  • Oversee the Crew Physician in maintaining and promoting crew health through coordination and execution of medical protocols specified by the Company.
  • Ensure that all documents that are designated as controlled (such as SMS documents, vessel certificates, etc.) in use on the vessel are up to date and controlled per Company procedures.
  • Review onboard contingency plans and vessel procedures and report any deficiencies to the Designated Person Ashore.
  • Report non-conformities, accidents involving personnel or vessel, and hazardous occurrences to the Company.
  • Ensure that weekly inspections of the accommodation and food service spaces are made to maintain an acceptable standard of cleanliness and hygiene.


  • Reporting defects to the Company and other matters with implications for safe operations or pollution risk
  • Carry out annual vessel inspections with the Chief Engineer as per Company SMS

Maritime Crew Leadership

  • Direct the Chief Engineer, Staff Captain (when assigned), Chief Officer, Ship Security Officer (SSO), and Purser to ensure safe and efficient operation.
  • Develop and familiarize the Staff Captain (when assigned) with the operating environment and practices unique to Mercy Ships.
  • Motivate the crew in the execution of company policy.
  • Issue orders clearly and concisely.
  • Represent the Company in local Maritime and Legal matters related to the vessel and/or crew.
  • Assign roles to officers with respect to the Safety Management System (SMS)
  • Supervise, encourage, and coach direct reports through regular feedback and spiritual leadership to ensure that they and their teams function effectively and grow spiritually.

Mission Support

  • Collaborate with the Managing Director of the vessel as a primary customer in the execution of their responsibilities to the vessel’s community and mission.
  • Share in the support and furtherance of the Christian community through lifestyle and exhortation.
  • Serve the crew at large by staying visible and interactive.

For This Role, You Will Need

  • Successful completion of the Mercy Ships On Boarding program will be required unless the Company explicitly waives this requirement.
  • Senior Officer training completion at the International Support Centre in Texas, USA, unless the Company waives this requirement explicitly.
  • At least one year’s experience as a Chief Officer on vessels over 3000 GT is required. At least two years of experience working at a senior management level in the current maritime regulatory environment is preferred.
  • Minimum one month’s experience as Staff Captain within Mercy Ships unless the Company waives the requirement explicitly.

STCW Certifications

  • Certificate of Competency in accordance with STCW II/2 Master and Chief Mate 500 GT or More with no ARPA or ECDIS limitations
  • Certificate of Competency in accordance with STCW IV/2 GMDSS Radio Operator
  • Certificate of Proficiency in accordance with STCW V/2-1 Crowd Management
  • Certificate of Proficiency in accordance with STCW V/2-3 Crisis Management and Human Behavior
  • Certificate of Proficiency in accordance with STCW VI/1 Basic Training
  • Certificate of Proficiency in accordance with STCW VI/2 PSCRB other than fast rescue boats
  • Certificate of Competency in accordance with STCW VI/3 Advanced Fire Fighting
  • Certificate of Competency in accordance with STCW VI/4 Medical First Aid and Medical Care
  • Certificate of Proficiency in accordance with STCW VI/5 Ship Security Officer
  • Certificate of Examination in accordance with STCW I/9 Medical Fitness and Minimum In-Service Eyesight

Mission and Community

  • Supportive of Mercy Ships mission and vision and committed to its core values.
  • Understand and apply servant Leadership, work collaboratively with integrity, and demonstrate accountability.
  • Able to live in and contribute to community life, requiring stable and healthy interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to lead in a multi-cultural setting.


  • Competent in Windows, Microsoft Office Programs, and general file/folder management tasks
  • A full, clean driving license is preferred.
  • Ability to communicate proficiently in English in both written and verbal forms.

Problem Solving

  • Ability to solve problems, develop highly functional teams, and resolve conflict.
  • Exhibit skill and flexibility in managing change and uncertainty.


Full job description available upon request.

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