Though our ships may stay in port for months, they need looking after. The Deck team maintains a healthy ship to enable our our crew to bring hope and healing!


Marine Deck



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About this Role

The Bosun assists the Chief Officer in the day-to-day management of the Deck Crew and for the maintenance of the Deck tools and supplies.

This position may qualify for a family cabin. If you have school-age children, learn more about Mercy Ships Academy.

What You Will Contribute

• Schedule work assignments in cooperation with the Chief Officer

• Assign Deck Crew and local Day Crew to specific tasks, working with them as necessary

• Oversee and instruct work in progress with an eye towards efficiency, cooperation, and safety

• Implement daily plans, schedules, and instructions given by the Chief Officer

• Assist with the on-the-job training of the Deck Crew

• Supervise storage in Bosun’s locker, paint locker, store rooms, and workshops

For This Role, You Will Need

• Has served as an Able Seaman/Seafarer (II/4 or II/5) for at least 2 years 

• Certificate of Proficiency for Able Seafarer Deck in accordance with STCW II/5 from a country holding bilateral agreements with our flag-state, Malta. A list of those countries can be found in the maritime section of our FAQs, to view those, Click Here.

• Certificate of Proficiency in accordance with STCW VI/1 Basic Training

• Certificate of Proficiency in in accordance with STCW VI/2 Survival Craft and Rescue Boats

• Certificate of Proficiency in accordance with STCW VI/6-1 Security Awareness

• Ability to effectively understand and communicate in clear English

Full job description available upon request.