Information Technology

Our ships are surgical specialty units, but are also floating small towns, requiring all the services and utilities a hospital, or a town needs, including internet and computer services. Our Information Technology (IT) department is crewed by professional IT staff, meeting the needs of the hospital, the ship, and the staff who live here.

We provide a tier 1 and 2 IT service desk on board, supporting users, end devices, systems and network, and work closely with the head office IT team, based in Texas on supporting business applications, and tier 3 support.

We also manage and maintain the Audio Visual systems on board and provide Audio Visual services to facilitate organizational events through management of a team of volunteers from other departments.

We have adopted the Microsoft M365 suite, and we work with market leading hardware vendors (Dell, Lenovo, HP, VMWare, Cisco, Aruba, to name a few).

We are a diverse, multi-cultural team, and have a wide range of services we support. So whether we are troubleshooting the medical imaging application in the hospital, deploying mobile devices to medical screening staff, updating the Ship Navigation Software, or the supporting students from the onboard school with their systems, every day offers something different.

Good communication across the organization helps Mercy Ships achieve its goals and be more efficient and effective in what we set out to achieve, and our internet connection is what we rely on daily. Our Information Technology team set the ship up with the best possible land-based connection in each of our host countries, and also maintain the regular satellite connection to keep the ship online wherever she may be. So whether it’s video conference calls, emails, sending Radiology images to Surgeon’s around the world, or simply calling family and friends at home, our Information Technology team keep us connected to the globe.