People & Culture

(Human Resources)


*At Mercy Ships, “People & Culture” is our title for the department historically known as “Human Resources”. This title reflects our organization’s commitment to nurturing a culture that supports, empowers, and celebrates each unique person that forms our community.

With over 3,000 Crew currently serving every year, People & Culture (P&C) has the incredible task of getting each volunteer to the ship, looking after them while they are on board, and making sure they know how to get home when their commitment ends. The P&C team on the ship is responsible for supporting processes related to staffing, work performance, crew engagement, career development, policy compliance, employee relations, and conflict resolution. These tasks involve supporting hundreds of crew members at a given point in time which involves heavy administrative tasks such as ensuring paperwork is complete, updating reports/spreadsheets, sending emails, and making updates in the Human Resources Information System (HRIS).

The ship People & Culture Director leads the P&C team on board which involves oversight of P&C and Staff Development functions. This role partners with organizational leaders to ensure teams are well-positioned to deliver on ship priorities and support daily experiences of crew. The P&C Director also has oversight of the annual rhythms of the P&C processes, including performance reviews, ensuring field service readiness, and conducting orientations.

P&C also manage our policies such as Child Safety, harassment prevention, and grievances, making sure we maintain a safe working and living environment for everyone. Mercy Ships takes these issues incredibly seriously, and we thank the P&C team for keeping everyone up to date with these policies.