Human Resources

With over 1,200 Crew currently serving every year, Human Resources has the incredible task of getting each volunteer to the ship, looking after them while they’re there, and making sure they know how to get home when their commitment ends! The Human Resources team on the ship are the administration experts, keeping track of hundreds of incoming Crew with all their travel plans and their paperwork. It’s a daunting task that they perform with excellence, making sure that everyone has a bed to sleep in and that everyone is welcomed at the airport.

Our Housing Coordinator oversees all accommodation allocations, assigning Crew to appropriate cabins for the role they are coming in to do. This is one of the hardest puzzles to solve with so many people checking in and out every day, but everyone has a comfortable bed to sleep in! between both ships we have over 1,000 beds to organize, so it’s no small job to manage and organize the cabin allocations.

The ship HR Director leads the Human Resources team onboard. The HR Director is involved in discussing transfers of Crew from one department to another, as well as Crew extending their time on board, which happens more often than you might think! The HR Director also has oversight of the annual rhythms of the HR processes, including performance reviews, review of bed space allocation per department in preparation for the next field service, and job description changes.

HR also manage our policies such as Child Safety, harassment prevention, and grievances, making sure we maintain a safe working and living environment for everyone. Mercy Ships takes these issues incredibly seriously, and we thank the HR team for keeping everyone up to date with these policies.