Hospital Support Services

The Hospital Support Services include our onboard Pharmacy, Radiology, Medical Laboratory, and Biomedical services.

These services are vital to us running an efficient, excellent service to our patients, and are managed to a very high quality.

Our Pharmacy provides medication to the Hospital for the patients, as well as preparing prescriptions for Crew when needed. Our volunteer Pharmacists are qualified in their own countries with the relevant experience needed to operate at a very high standard.

Our Radiology rooms have an X-Ray and CT-Scanner, and other imaging equipment as listed below. Our volunteer Radiologists provide specialized Radiology advice in terms of appropriate Imaging Modality, and produce formal Radiology Reports for patients imaged onboard, using our specialized equipment: GE 32 Slice CT, CBT, OPG, Computed Radiography, and three portable ultrasound machines. The X-Ray and CT-scanning equipment is overseen by a Senior Radiology Technologist and another Radiologist, and includes a Day Crew member for translation.

The Medical Laboratory is well-equipped, and assist with analysis of clinical specimens and provision of data used for diagnosis and treatment of patients. The Medical Laboratory Technologists perform diagnostic testing in hematology, clinical chemistry, microbiology, parasitology, immunohematology (blood banking/transfusion service), immunology, and cytology/histology preparations. They also perform venipuncture, finger sticks, and blood donor phlebotomy on patients of all ages, including the Crew members who act as the ship’s blood bank.

Our volunteer Biomedical Technicians oversee the maintenance and management of medical devices. They arrange or perform scheduled maintenance and calibration of equipment, with preventative maintenance and repair of medical equipment. Types of equipment on board are: Anesthetic systems, ventilators, CR X-ray, CT, Ultrasound imaging, OR and Ward equipment, YAG lasers and ophthalmic devices, autoclaves, oil-free compressors, dental suites and generators up to 35KVA. Biomed also provide training for local Biomedical Technicians where possible, as part of Medical Capacity Building programs.