Finance on our ships play an incredibly important role in keeping things running. Equipped with a Finance Director, a Finance Manager, Payables Accountant, Receivables Accountant, and a Crew Banker. The Finance team process all financial transactions on board, including the paying of invoices, advance payments, crew fees, and facilitate the Crew Bank, where crew can withdraw local currency from their Crew Bank account. This is an incredibly convenient service available to the crew, who can also withdraw money in Dollars, Great British Pounds, and Euros.

We often have expenses in country, including food from local suppliers, fuel, building supplies, to name but a very few! Having a Finance team on board makes us a much more efficient operation. The Finance Director also coaches the managers and leaders through budget preparations and reviews, making sure we’re making the most from our donors’ generous contributions.

In each of our host countries we employ over 200 local Day Crew workers, who are paid expenses for their time working with us. The Finance team look for efficient ways of distributing their expenses, often using mobile money which is very popular in many of the countries we serve in.

The Finance department also takes care of the Ship Shop, and the Café. The Ship Shop is stocked with personal hygiene supplies, branded clothing and merchandise, food items from all over the world, and some local craft and jewelry items. Crew can purchase items using their Crew Bank account, bringing some home comforts to the ship.

The Café serves thousands of coffees every year onboard. Crew can purchase coffees at a very inexpensive rate, just covering basic costs of the coffee, and are served by volunteers serving in the Sales team. The Café becomes the central place to hang out on the ship!