The Executive department onboard is led by the Ship Managing Director, bringing all departments together to lead the ship and the Crew in delivering all programs and services to our patients and trainees. The Executive department also liaises with the highest government officials associated with our host countries, and handles all communication with the International Board and Vice President’s.

The Ship Managing Director is the ship’s main representative in our host country and in leadership meetings across the organisation. The Managing Director communicates updates with the Crew and leads spiritually at all times and in all situations. As the final decision maker, the Managing Director has a very wide overview of all programmatic activities, support roles, and works closely with the Captain in all Technical matters relating to the running of the ship.

The Managing Director has an Executive Assistant that assists in leadership and arrangements of Executive activities.

The Partner Liaison leads in communication and liaison with all external partners, including government officials, local dignitaries, business leaders, and contractors. This role is an extremely important function to our reputation and functionality in our host nations.

The Operations Director is also part of the Executive department and assists the Managing Director in leadership matters.

There are many aspects of ship life that is led and influenced by the Executive department. The Managing Director has the responsibility to maintain a vibrant and healthy culture on board, while overseeing output of the ship and making sure the ship is as effective and efficient as possible. The Executive Assistant has a role to keep their ear to the ground on rising issues or influences on board and keep the Managing Director informed of cultural issues onboard. The team works well together to keep a healthy environment for all.