Our Communications team consists of a Videographer, two Photographers, two Writers, two Media Liaisons, a Director, an Administrative Assistant, a Day Crew Translator, and a Day Crew Photographer.

The communications team captures the patient stories and shares them with the world. This could involve a short story, some photographs, up to including lots of video footage of the patient at the ship receiving treatment, and in their home city or village interacting with their families and communities. Their stories are shared with donors and potential volunteers, as well as with potential patients who may be wondering what treatment they might receive from Mercy Ships for their condition. Sometimes it helps potential patients agree to a procedure when they can see and hear from other people in their position who have been treated by Mercy Ships.

The Media Liaisons are responsible for hosting VIPs and donors, assisting with creating the best possible experience from visiting the ship. Some of our donors have been supporting Mercy Ships for a long time, and want to see what it is like onboard. Our Media Liaisons arrange everything for their visit, and accompany them on a rich, but short time onboard.

The Media Liaison’s also host media teams. The most common media team is a TV crew, producing a documentary on Mercy Ships, or filming an episode of a series. These are very intense visits, but well worth the time, as the message of Mercy Ships is spread around the world. We may also host radio and TV crews from our host nation, as they help us spread the word about what services Mercy Ships provides, and where they can go to be assessed by the medical screening teams.

The Communications team are vital to our mission, sharing the good news around the world.