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We deeply care about our Crew and their spiritual and emotional well-being. We are so grateful for this team of Chaplains, who support Crew in the best and most difficult times, while reminding us of the life we have in Jesus.




Min. 2 Years




Min. 2 Years

About this Role

As our Chaplain/Counselor, you will care for the emotional and spiritual well-being of the crew as part of the Chaplaincy team. You will be available in a private office, walk through the ship, or grab a cup of coffee in the café, checking on the Crew and connecting with them.

You will use your counseling skills and creativity to work with the multi-national, multi-cultural crew, from every ship department and with all ages. Provide a safe and confidential harbor for the crew to share their burdens.

This position may qualify for a family cabin. If you have school-age children, learn more about Mercy Ships Academy.

What You Will Contribute

• Meet with crew individually and in groups to process emotional and spiritual concerns

• Serve as a listener and encourager

• Lead, host, and/or facilitate small groups

• Teach in Community Gatherings and Sunday night services

• Listen and encourage; should be one who is known and trusted by others

• Assess interests, aptitudes, abilities and personality for personal growth

• Counsel and mentor those in spiritual need and comfort the bereaved

• Provide crisis intervention in emergency situations

• Offer critical incident stress debriefing for individuals and teams

• Connect with, visit, and keep up with any Crew who are seriously ill

For This Role, You Will Need

• To be a mature individual who has recognized spiritual maturity

• A Master’s degree and licensure in counseling or social work required.

• Must have traveled internationally for at least two years and/or have extensive experience living in a multicultural Christian community

• Successful completion of Mercy Ships Onboarding program will be required

• Flexibility and creativity in methods of counseling the multi-national, multi-cultural Crew

Full job description available upon request.