Grades 4 & 5 Teacher

Our Academy exists to educate and support the children of our long-term volunteers. Come help ensure our students are getting the best and most unique education available!




Min. 2 Years




Min. 2 Years

About this Role

The Grades 4 & 5 Class Teacher provides an engaging classroom within a multi-cultural and community-centered environment for learning and growing with children ages nine to eleven. 

As a flexible individual, the Grades 4 & 5 Class Teacher provides instruction through the lens of a Christian worldview to students on a vast array of subjects. In addition, as an autonomous teacher, there is room to plan adventurous outings with your students!

What You Will Contribute

• Create and deliver developmentally appropriate lesson plans for math, language arts, Bible, science, social studies, and life skills

• Contribute to school rhythms, such as: staff meetings, student progress meetings, parent meetings, and professional development reading groups

• Maintain records of each students’ progress throughout the year with summative and formative assessment

• Demonstrate a readiness to help when needed with projects and events in the school

• Exemplify professionalism in and ability to prioritize your assignments and duties

• Ability to live in and contribute to community life, requiring stable and healthy interpersonal skills

For This Role, You Will Need

• Bachelor’s Degree in elementary education from an accredited college or university

• Two years classroom teaching experience is preferred

• Current teaching certificate is required

• Completion of Mercy Ships On Boarding Program will be required

• Successful completion of the Child Safety Screening Process, which includes background / criminal records check

• A working knowledge of Microsoft Office applications is required. Possess aptitude for learning new computer applications

Full job description available upon request.